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History and Authors
In this section we provide a list of Web resources, electronic texts and further information about some of the greatest authors in the field, such as Barthes, Eco, Greimas, Hjelmslev, Peirce and Saussure.

A survey of materials and Web resources on the following subjects: visual semiotics, narrativity, cognitive sciences, sociosemiotics and applied semiotics.

Some tools, dedicated mostly to beginners: a general bibliography on semiotics, introductory texts, glossaries and an index of some electronic texts available on line (in Italian).

Didactic network in Italy
We are building a network among Chairs of Semiotics in Italy, to ease comparation and communication about research programmes and theses in progress.

Associations, Research centers, Magazines
Research centres and major journals that can be found on line, both in Italy and abroad (in Italian).

Events and calls for papers
Conferences, meetings, schools and colloquia in Italy and abroad; calls for participation, papers and scolarships (in Italian).  

New books
Indications and reviews of new publications on semiotics (in Italian).

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