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compiled by:
Brunella Casalini , Emanuela Ceva , Nico De Federicis, Corrado Del Bo' , Francesca Di Donato , Angelo Marocco , Maria Chiara Pievatolo .
(English editing by Heather Lunergan )

Last updated: 16/09/2003

Political philosophy

Isolating a political part within each single system of thought is neither easy nor theoretically fruitful. Therefore, we will try to organize the following reasoned index for the political problems of philosophy in such a way that philosophers' political answers appear linked as closely as possible to their speculative questions.
Scholars interested in proposing or updating links, or adding news are invited to contact the editorial board .

  A Reasoned Index to Political Philosophy  (first part)
  A Reasoned Index to Political Philosophy  (second part; in Italian)new
  On-line Journals  
  Events (in Italian)
  Italian Institutions and Websites
  Other Worldwide Websites
  Institutions (worldwide)
  On-line Publications
  Italian Political Philosophers (in Italian)
  Political Philosophers in the World
Questa  rubrica e dedicata alla pubblicazione di testi di conferenze   Lectures (in Italian)

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